Azoogle Secrets

Azoogle Secrets was originally launched to promote an eBook I planned to release on affiliate programs and tools. Upon writing 12,000 words however I just felt that it was not up to the quality needed to provide customers with good value, which is why after many months I’ve decided to put most of the chapters online for free. Why not all of them?

Azoogle No More?

Since then Azoogle has been swallowed up by Epic Ads and has now ceased to be. This site is to be redesigned to help people find good quality alternatives to Azoogle and keep earning affiliate money online!

Have a look at the alternative top affiliate programs we have found for you and use ourselves. These sites cover all niches and enable you to run ads on varous payment models.

Alternative online affiliate marketing programs to Azoogle can be found here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

New FAQ section coming soon…

We aim to educate and inform here at Azoogle Secrets, so in addition to our Getting Accepted page, we now have a great set of resources in our Affiliate Marketing Program FAQs.

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Every journey starts with the first step …
Step 1: Find an Alternative to Azoogle Ads