Alternatives to Azoogle Ads

Finding Alternative Affiliate Programs

Not all CPA affiliate networks and CPC offers are suitable for your site, but check out the programs below for some great money making opportunities.


With over 2000 live offers these guys have it all covered. Whatever niche you are in there is a program to suit.
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Adscend Media

The content locking software is a great innovation and can help monetize areas you never thought were possible.++Apply with Adscend Media now!



Clickbank vendors pay a commisson of 50% to 75% on EVERY SINGLE SALE!
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CB Engine

Use this great tool to find the best converting offers on Clickbank. It is a wealth of analytics on what works and what doesnt. This tool will help YOU make money from Clickbank.
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Income Access

These guys have a great range of casino and other gaming offers. This market may be crowded, but there is plenty of money to be made here all the same!
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Health Trader – formerly Hexpress Affiliates

The top program for health and related products. Great to work with to boot!
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