General Azoogle Tips

General Azoogle & Internet Marketing Tips

***This is still good advice for all affiliate programs, whichever great alternative affiliate network you sign up for***

  • No banners. Banners generally say to visitors “Don’t click me, I’m an advertisement”. It’s always best to use text links in your navigation bar, or within your content. Possibly use both text links so you can convert visitors that may not read your content.
  • Track It! You may not need the stats, but get into the habit of tracking with clear and concise sub-ids. If you start tracking now it’ll eventually become a reflex and it’s always nice to be able to look over past months and see trends.
  • Read. Each offer has their own conditions and rules. Read each offer carefully and make sure you know:
    – forms of advertising allowed
    – if incentivizing is allowed
    – what the user has to do to be a lead
    – the expiration date
  • Complacency. Don’t get complacent with your earnings. It’s find to become wary and maybe a little more cautious about different offers, but as soon as you become complacent you’ll never earn as much as you can.
    Keep Asking. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no one is perfect. If you don’t ask you won’t know. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on the internet who will give free advice, and answers.
  • Save It. To make more money you will more than likely need to spend some money, but still, save some of it. I like to keep at least 50% of my earnings in the bank. Nothing is worse when you’ve found a perfect site to buy and you realize all your Azoogle earnings have evaporated.
  • Export CSVs. Set a period of time each week, fortnight or month where you export your CSV’s and store them on a backup drive or CD. You never know when past records may come in handy, or you may just want to show people how your business model got you from $x daily to $x,xxx daily over a period of time.