Getting Conversions with Azoogle

Getting Conversions with Azoogle

***Conversions are key and with these tips you can suceed with an of these great alternative affiliate marketing sites***

Having the perfect site and offer is great, but you still need to convert!

Don’t seem to like the Ad

People aren’t stupid – most people (especially the internet savvy ones) will realize that they’re being fed an advertisement – the key is to make Azoogle offers seem not like an ad. How would you do this? Here is a few of my own tips:
– Do not say your affiliated with the offer in any way. If the visitor knows you are some how related to the offer then the first thing that will pop into their head is “ADVERTISEMENT – RUN AWAY!”.
– Add a personal touch such as “It looks good” or “My friend got me hooked on it!” Be laid back and not too pushy, have a ‘whatever’ attitude.
– If applicable, show proof that the system works, or that the offer is worth it. Nothing is better than proof, if you’ve been given a Free iPod, show the packaging that once contained your Free iPod!
– Casually link to other sources that offer their comments on the product. Taking one persons advice is usually hard, if you link to various sources around the web (heck, you could make your own ‘other sources’ if you want) people will be more interested in learning more.
– Stress how simple it is to use/receive the product. No one likes hard work, no one is ever eager to do the laundry or take out the trash, make it seem like a fun side project or even a joy to complete the offer.

Don’t Spam

I remember reading somewhere that only 0.000000001% of spam converts, but since it’s on such a large scale that is still a large amount money. Seeing as Azoogle would ban you, and the FBI would be on your case spamming to that wide audience isn’t the smartest thing to do, and small-time spam is worthless as it simply won’t convert (not to mention or the ethical and moral issues).
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you register at a site that was advertised by a 1-post-wonder at a forum?
  • Have you ever responded to one of those “Cheap Viagra” e-mails?
  • Did you ever click on those “You Have Won a Million Dollar banners?

You probably said ‘No’ to at least two of those questions (the third one – you may have clicked a banner accidentally) and most people would be the same. Not only is spamming illegal, it is immoral, pointless, and just down right lousy.

What is Spam exactly?

Just think of spam as unwanted content sent to your inbox. It’s not spam if the user agrees to receive e-mails, but it’s always best to include an Unsubscribe link in the e-mails – you never want to bother visitors.

Be Friendly

People aren’t likely to support or trust someone who is flailing their arms about swearing at people. If you’re friendly, polite and respectful people will trust you and you may gain some friends. If people send you an e-mail or PM (private message) don’t tell them to go away, reply politely and maybe refer them to someone else if you cannot help them. Remember, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Be Informative

Generally people like to learn. If you provide informative and easily understandable articles and posts people will begin to remember your name, tell people about your services, and visit your sites for the heck of it. If someone trusts your information and then you say “Why not check out this site for a Free iPod!” then they’ll most likely comply and check it out. Getting conversions isn’t hard, it just takes some work, effort and a tiny bit of luck.

Use your Affiliate Manager

They have affiliate managers for a reason, to give support and maximize publishers revenue. Talk to your manager and make sure he/she understands what you require, and what you plan to do. I remember asking a question about an offer relating to a Google Nexus 4, and I got a reply with alternative offers that would be better suited for my site; I was very impressed with this by the way.

Hide your URL

The Azoogle offer URL’s are very distinctive. After a user sees them once they can usually tell that is an advertisement from then on. There are various ways to ‘mask’ your URLs:

  • Full Domain. Some people, if they extra money simply pay $8.88 for a domain and redirect it to their offer, not the most cost-effective way, but it works fine.
  • Sub-Domains. Most people who use cPanel for their websites will have the ability to use sub-domains. Set up a sub-domain with something like and then simply redirect it to your Azoogle URL.
  • TinyURL etc. Use sites such as to make your URL a lot shorter, and cleaner. These URL’s are the cheapest (FREE!) and easiest ways to mask your URL.

Try, Try, Try

Keep trying. Don’t give up if you fail miserably on your first attempt. With each offer and method of advertising write a small summary of what you did, and what went or wrong (and right). If you keep track of it like this eventually you’ll be able to find a nice balance of the do’s and don’ts.

The Blue Link

Many people have tried to determine which colors are best to used to gain clicks and the majority of them seem to go with the good old blue link. Why does it work so well? Seeing as the blue link is the default link color for websites the average internet user has become used to it. Other color links seem foreign to them and any text that is blue with a blue underline is seen as “clickable”. Not only that, a blue link does stand out fairly well amongst a sea of black text.