Finding Good Azoogle Offers

Finding Good Affiliate Offers

***This information holds true to finding a good offer at most alternative affiliate programs, find our recommended online internet marketing programs here***

Not all offers are suitable for your site, or just generally are not good for conversion rates. This chapter is dedicated to tips and information on finding good offers.

Finding Good Offers

Before we can start with the money making you have to find an offer than generally works well. Advertising something you know is generally the best bet as what you know can help increase your revenue (more about this later in the book).

Look for Good eCPC

Don’t aim for the highest paying offers. Higher paying offers (generally) are harder to get paid for (users might have to verify their account with a Credit Card or pay a small fee, which makes converting a lot more annoying and difficult). You may have to experiment a bit (or you might just get lucky) but find offers with a good eCPC, this is, a Estimated Cost Per Click. The higher the eCPC the better. This is basically a mould between how much you’ve made, how many clicks you received, and how many leads you’ve created. The eCPC estimates how much each click you receive is worth.

Higher Converting Offers

Look for advertisers who have offers that pay you for:

1. Completion of Short Forms
2. Entry of E-Mail
3. Entry of Zip Code

Anything that is easily completed by the user, so even if the user doesn’t verify their account, buy a product, or request more information, you still get paid.
However, what really counts is that the user gets something they want. Skinny people don’t want Jenny Craig memberships. If you seriously think your target audience wants what you have to give then you’ll be successful.

Zero-Cost to User

People like free stuff, and people are a little more careful when giving their credit card or bank details out online – if possible, offer users things that are free with no CC required. Much higher conversion rate (from my experiences at least).

Exclusive Offers

Azoogle has a range of exclusive offers not seen on any other network, these can be a gold mine as they are less frequently advertised and therefore you can supply it to a larger amount of people. Take a look through these offers first and see if you can use them to target your demographic, if you can’t don’t be dismayed the non-exclusive offers still have plenty of promise to make some money.