Getting Accepted by Azoogle

Getting Accepted by Azoogle

***This information is no longer valid since the demise of Azoogle, find a list of the best affiliate marketing business here***

Whilst writing this book I requested what people wanted for me to cover, and this seemed to be the most sought after topic – how to get accepted by Azoogle. I’ll give as much insight as I can.

Read the Terms & Conditions

Not every site, or person can get into Azoogle – simple. It is just impossible for certain sites or people to be allowed to advertise Azoogle’s offers, and no matter how much traffic your site receives you will not get in. If you don’t want false hope of being accepted, Reads the Terms & Conditions; it may take 10-20 minutes of your time, but at least you know beforehand if your site (or you, yourself) is eligible for application.

Correct Information

You can trust Azoogle, they aren’t going to spend their weekdays sending out junk-mail or high volumes of spam. Make sure you include correct information in your application as providing a fake name (or other) won’t only make you illegible for payment, but it’ll make you seem suspicious and Azoogle requires correct information.
It’s always good to check your information over a couple of times, even if you intend to fill the registration form out correctly no one is perfect and everyone can make mistakes. It’d be devastating to find out that you’ve been waiting weeks for acceptance, only to later realize you typed your e-mail incorrectly.

Call Them

Azoogle has this long registration process to cut out the large number of spammers and con-artists on the internet. Commonly people involved in unethical (or just plain illegal) acts won’t want to talk about their sites or projects so calling them drastically increases your chances and account activation speed. It’s been proved, and even recommended by Azoogle staff to make a quick call.

Being Referred

I’m not too sure about this but this speculation has been floating around many forums. Apparently if you’re referred by an Azoogle member it increases your chances of getting accepted. Why? Well the only reason I can see this being true is maybe Azoogle thinks that if you get referred by an already accepted member, then you’ve come from a reliable source (ie, not a scamming background) – just a guess, but a possibility.

Ask Questions

You have the right to know why you haven’t been accepted. They don’t legally have to reply but they will (Azoogle is known for having good support). Ask all the questions you need too so you can improve your site further and get accepted at a later date. If all you have to do is get 10% extra traffic then at least you have a goal and aim to get there instead of blindly trying to figure out what is wrong.

Give Good Descriptions

It is unlikely that Azoogle representatives what to go through applicants sites and discover what they’re about – in the site description box give an adequate description of your sites, and go into detail. Describing your site as “Cool games site” won’t really have a big impact on whoever is checking out your application. You need a description that is:

  • True. Lying on an application is one of the dumbest things you can do!
  • Interesting. Has boring statements ever attracted anyone?
  • Contains a Good Explanation. Just think, would you accept your site based on this description?
  • Specific (No general words like “good”, “bad” or “nice”)
  • Not Overly Long. An Applicant checker doesn’t want your life story, so don’t give it to them!

If you own multiple sites, describe them all. Like they say, never put all eggs in one basket. The whole aim of the game is to make yourself, Azoogle, and the advertisers money – if they see that you’re money can be diversified among different sites and genres you’ll be seen as more of a necessity than an asset.

No “Ad Spammy” Sites

Obviously people checking your application won’t like visiting a site with 1000’s of pop-ups, large leader boards, and tons of Google Adsense ads. Azoogle wants sites that can convert well, and that means people actually able to visit the site without their computer freezing or practically forcing them to close their browser. Keep your site clean with a few well placed ads and you should be fine in this department.

Got Rejected? Apply Again!

There is no law about applying again, this doesn’t mean apply again the second you’re rejected. After you learn why you’re rejected work on that aspect of your site(s) and then in 2-6 weeks time when you think you’re ready apply again. You may not need to even fill out the form again, if it’s just a small problem that needed fixing you can usually just reply to whoever checked your application, tell them the problem has been resolved, and ta da! Your account will be magically activated.

Explain How you Plan to Advertise

People like assertiveness, having a plan before applying to Azoogle is a great way to increase acceptance chances. In the site description box write a brief category of your plan.

  • Are you going to primarily advertise via a website or e-mail?
  • What demographic are you targeting?
  • What category of offers are you targeting?

Just answering those few questions can be very beneficial, but of course your affiliate managers will be able to help you maximize your revenue.

If Incentive, Say Incentive

If you plan to incentivize offers, don’t hide that, in fact it is better if you mention it seeing as Azoogle is very good at accommodating for incentive sites. It’s best to be out in the open and not try to ‘slink’ your way into a membership.

Tax ID etc

This isn’t a registration must as I got in before I even received my Tax Identification Number, but was told that I could not receive payments until my tax information had been entered. This is important for those who want to get their money as soon as possible without failure. You also need to send Azoogle the right tax form. a W-9 Form for US Residents, and a W-8 Form for international users.

Directly from the Source

Information from a Co-Founder of Azoogle
For those that wonder why it takes so long (for some) people to get into Azoogle, here is information from one of Azoogle’s co-founders Alex Zhardanovsky:

“Affiliate approvals have in fact slowed down, largely due to the large volume of publishers signing up every single day for Azoogle. We don’t simply approve everyone who has a heartbeat or a website, we actually take the time to talk to each publisher, find out who they are, what they do, what we can do for them and what they can do for us. Many of the publishers here have gone through our approval process, and while it may be a little tedious, it’s worth it. (I think). If you applied a long time ago and haven’t been contacted by anyone, you can always call 905-946-0300 during business hours, and ask to speak to our affiliate approvals team and you’ll get someone on the phone right away. Even if you apply today and don’t want to wait, you can call us and speak to us, and we can most likely approve you within 24 hours or even on the call. If you want in, we’ll get you in.

We have a very large team of affiliate managers whose sole job is to assist our publishers and ensure that you are running the best campaigns possible, please use them as much as possible, that is what they’re here for!

Cheers, Alex”

Just thought people might appreciate this information directly from Azoogle Ads themselves.